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Hand Forged Tools
by Michael Drinkwater

Creating our Heirloom Tools

Combining the skills of forging steel and wood turning are necessary to craft a great tool.

The timber for the handle is air dried then turned in the lathe to the shape of the required handle then left to dry for a second time prior to being sanded to a smooth finish.

Our handles are premium quality to give a long reliable life and shaped for strength and a comfortable grip.

Forging the tool head starts with carbon steel billets cut from flat bar stock. The steel is then heated in the forge and hammered to flatten and lengthen one end to form the handle socket. The steel is then reheated to forge the tapered and widened blade. A power hammer is used to give desired shape then finished by hand on the anvil. Finally the tool is bent into either a hoe or other tools in our range. The tool is then left to cool before sharpening and final heat treatment and tempering.

Finally the two components being the tool head and handle are fitted together by way of the tapered handle end and tool head socket then drilled and pinned for a tight fit.

We also create custom tools & commission pieces.

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