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Hand Forged Tools
by Michael Drinkwater

About Michael Drinkwater

For a person with sustainability aspirations, to be placed in life as a blacksmith crafting hand forged tools that are reliably effective and long lasting is like arriving at Shangrila for Michael.

Having lived a self reliant lifestyle for many years making biofuel for transport, home power from wind and solar and the best composting toilet ever, his ethos has always prevailed above a mainstream existence.

Like the tempering of steel for a great tool, Michael has matured to be a master craftsman who offers the finest tools you can buy.

These heirloom tools reduce the use of environment damaging chemicals and as they will outlast many inferior imported products lower waste and the frustration of unreliability.

These qualities combined with user friendly design and robust engineering make them a perfect fit with the above agenda.

We also create custom tools & commission pieces.

Please contact us by email for further details.

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