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Hand Forged Tools
by Michael Drinkwater

Our Hand Forged Tools

Coincidentally, Michael became interested in forging steel whilst finding that quality hand tools that had been available to previous generations, were highly prized and of short supply to users that appreciate reliability and purpose.

These tools are made once again to fill the demand that professional and serious users search for in products.

We are flexible, and can modify existing tools in our range for specific needs or design new tools to your exact requirements as required.

Using carbon steel for all tools in our range, that are forged from one piece of steel without welds that inevitably invite failure, matched with our own premium crafted wooden handles we offer an unconditional warranty.

These unique tools are of traditional design with built in qualities that become apparent when used and are a hallmark of our range.

We also create custom tools & commission pieces.

Please contact us by email for further details.

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