Hand Forged Heirloom Tools Range

Hand Forged Fern Hook

This classic tool is used for slashing or reaping. Reaping is the action of hooking a plant then drawing it towards you whilst the sharp inside edge of the 30cm long blade severs.

With a long handle it can penetrate a large bush such as blackberry or lantana.

Alternatively it can be used to slash using a swinging blow to remove unwanted plants.

Either way this tool will perform the task with ease. Tool head weight is 700grams.

FERNHOOK comes with fitted 1200mm handle.

Used for land clearing and farming, local councils and forestry.


  • Delivery to Australia
  • $20 for one tool or more to VIC, TAS, SA, NSW, QLD
  • $35 for one tool or more to WA, NT
  • Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.
  • Shipping to USA
  • $57 per item
  • Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Notes on handle length and usability

The length of the handle on digging or slashing tools is quite a personal subject.

To ensure the effectiveness of these tools the length of the handle will grossly be dictated by your height and strength.A heavy tool head such as our Brush Hook requires a shorter handle so the weight of the tool can be wielded for effective cutting. With a long handle it would require enormous effort to move the tool fast enough to sever even the softest grasses.

We fit a long handle to our Fern Hook which is a lighter tool which can be swung for cutting or reaping placing the user away from sometimes prickly plants such as blackberry or gorse.

Universal Hoe handle length will be predicted by your height. A person of short stature will need a short handle. A taller person will require longer handle so the falling blade will enter the ground at an effective angle without bending over.

With this in mind the longer handle fitted to your tool may require shortening which is easily done with a saw. I recommend shortening your handle progressively until the hoe feels comfortable to be used continuously.

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