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We are flexible, and can modify existing tools in our range for specific needs or design new tools to meet your exact requirements. Please contact us here for further info.

Hand Forged Brush Hook

This heavy duty slashing tool is popular with fire-fighters, surveyors, mountain bike track builders or anyone doing scrub clearing. It is sharpened on both sides of the blade so as to be used for chopping on the outside or reaping with the inside of the curved blade. The tool head weighs 1 kg and with a cutting edge of 30 cm will easily cut down a sapling or any woody plants.The long handle socket assures a tight fit for the hardwood handle to afford safety and ease of use. Used by surveyors, fire fighting, forestry workers, bike single track builders and fencing contractors.

Testimonial: I purchased one of your hand forged brush hooks towards the end of last year. We had a collapsing fence line which was overgrown with many years of ivy, honeysuckle and a shrub whose name I don’t know. The neighbour wanted to put in a new fence so we were faced with the large job of clearing all the overgrowth along one side of our block. My wife was worried and felt we had to get someone in to do it and that it would cost quite a bit on top of the cost of a colour bond fence, which it would have. I am 68 and in fair physical condition but nothing great. I did some research and came across your site and opted to buy you brush hook instead of paying someone and armed physically and mentally with this great piece of metal work I took it on.

I have an old ute and six or seven piled up loads to the green waste tip later, the fence was cleared and ready for the fence contractor to do his work. It was so good to work in its natural action and balance and maintained its sharp edge throughout without any sharpening needed. It was safe to use, and did the whole job so well. The money very well spent and much saved and I now own a hand forged brush hook and so will those who come after me.

So a really big vote of thanks Michael for your craftsmanship and producing something so unique and of such quality. Stuff Bunnings. So thank you again.

All the best
Philip Woodhill


  • Delivery to Australia
  • $20 for one tool or more to VIC, TAS, SA, NSW, QLD
  • $25 for one tool or more to WA
  • $35 for one tool or more to NT
  • Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.
  • Shipping to USA
  • $67 per item
  • Please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Notes on handle length and usability

The length of the handle on digging or slashing tools is quite a personal subject.

To ensure the effectiveness of these tools the length of the handle will grossly be dictated by your height and strength.A heavy tool head such as our Brush Hook requires a shorter handle so the weight of the tool can be wielded for effective cutting. With a long handle it would require enormous effort to move the tool fast enough to sever even the softest grasses.

We fit a long handle to our Fern Hook which is a lighter tool which can be swung for cutting or reaping placing the user away from sometimes prickly plants such as blackberry or gorse.

Petersen Hoe handle length will be predicted by your height. A person of short stature will need a short handle. A taller person will require longer handle so the falling blade will enter the ground at an effective angle without bending over.

With this in mind the longer handle fitted to your tool may require shortening which is easily done with a saw. I recommend shortening your handle progressively until the hoe feels comfortable to be used continuously.

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